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Important Links for VITA Volunteers

VITA Orientation

Orientation Video – Watch this to learn all about our VITA program and the variety of volunteer opportunities available.
If you are interested in volunteering, please complete this form to get started!

VITA Training & Certification Resources

VITA Volunteer Training Checklists – Download this checklist to track your progress through training and certification. New volunteers click here. Returning volunteers click here.

Thinkific Training Sessions – Click here to access the Thinkific homepage.

TaxSlayer Practice Lab – Useful for practice in preparing sample returns and inputting data from various tax forms; use TRAINPROWEB password for landing page, then create or log in to your individual account.

Hub Demo Site: Useful for practice navigating in the Hub.

IRS Publication 4491: Training guide for 2022; IRS-provided textbook for learning tax law and the basics of return preparation

IRS Publication 4491-X: IRS-provided updates to training and site publications. Includes updates to Publications 4012, 4491, and 6744.

IRS Publication 6744 – For those planning to certify as VITA volunteers at any level, the exam questions and scenarios are found in this booklet. This is an electronic version of the scenarios we will use in trainings and for homework.

Link & Learn Certification Portal – This is the IRS-provided certification exam portal. Create your account or log in when you’re ready to submit answers for any of your VITA Volunteer Certification Exams.

Upload Link and Learn Certification – Please upload your completed certification using this form.


Login Portals

The Hub – once your invite is accepted and username created, use this site to log into the GetYourRefund Hub

Taxslayer Pro Online – once you have received an activation email from UWTSA and created a username, sign into TaxSlayer here

Site Coordinator Rosters (Airtable) – For Site Coordinators only. Please click the link for your site and use the password provided by UWTSA staff.



VITA Intake Guide (Specialist) – for all taxpayers using VITA, to be completed by the Intake Specialsit.

VITA Intake Guide (Hub Specialist) – modified form for Intake Specialists working in GetYourRefund/the Hub.

VITA Intake Guide (Taxpayer) – for all taxpayers using VITA, to be completed by the taxpayer.

VITA Intake Guide (Valet) – for Valet returns only, to be completed by the Intake Specialist.

Valet VITA Checklist – reference guide for Intake Specialists assisting with Valet returns.

Consent Forms – optional consent forms usable at all tax sites.

Valet VITA Consent – Form 14446

Consent Description – explanations of each consent form provided to taxpayers.

Out-of-Scope Return List – some of the most common situations that are out of scope of VITA.

Return Preparation

IRS Publication 4012-A Includes updates from the 4491-X.

IRS Publication 4012 – The primary on-site consultation guide for VITA volunteers; includes interview tips, decision trees, instructions for data entry in TaxSlayer and more. We refer to this publication often during trainings; updated for 2022.

IRS Publication 17 – general rules for filing income tax returns. Updated for Tax Year 2022.

Dependent Qualification Calculatorhelps determine whether an individual can be claimed as a dependent, as well as the credits for which they may qualify.

Education Credit Calculator – helps determine whether an individual is eligible for an Education Credit, and which credit would be most beneficial.

Pension & Annuity Calculator – helps determine exclusions.

Arizona Individual Income Tax Changes and Common Subtractions and Credits – updated for tax year 2020

VITA Arizona Manual – for VITA and TCE volunteers, updated for tax year 2022.

Arizona Individual Income Tax Highlights – quick reference guide for important updates. Updated for Tax Year 2022.

Qualifying Charitable Organizations for AZ Tax Credit – a list of all qualifying charitable organizations in Arizona. AS OF TY ’18: organization codes are needed to claim credit. Look for codes in the list of QCOs; look at footnote on the last page for the general code for umbrella organizations and funds. Updated for Tax Year 2022.

Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organizations for AZ Tax Credit – a list of all qualifying foster care charitable organizations in Arizona. Updated for Tax Year 2022.

Arizona Form 201 – completed by a landlord/property manager to provide information necessary for taxpayers to claim AZ PTC.

Pima County Property Locator used to find the property ID needed for AZ PTC for an owned home.

UWTSA Knowledge Database – FAQ’s

IRS Publication 5034 – information on payment options for taxpayer’s who owe Federal income tax.

Script for VITA Volunteers: Balance Due Returns


Additional Resources

United Way of Tucson VITA Support Portal (FreshDesk)– Access the United Way of Tucson VITA Support portal to submit a support ticket to VITA staff, track the status of existing tickets, and view the Knowledge Base for answers to frequently asked questions.

IRS Publication 5683: Partner and Site Coordinator HandbookIf you are interested in training to be a Site Coordinator, please email

IRS Publication 4299: Privacy, Confidentiality, and Civil Rights

Guides to Other States: Tax Year 2020 – A guide developed by volunteer Bill Couchman.

California State Tax Guide – A guide developed by United Way Bay Area. Updated for Tax Year 2020.

Hub Communication Messages-Examples of phrasing to use when messaging taxpayers through the Hub.

Preventing/Managing Difficult Situations

CFR Card Instructions 

IRS Site and Quality Alerts


Key Documents

VITA Volunteer Handbook– Handy information and tips for every VITA volunteer. Updated for Tax Year 2022.

Self Prep Option Card – Alternative filing options for taxpayers who are Out-of-Scope of the VITA program.


Volunteer Newsletters and Communications

The VITA Volunteer Newsletter archives have moved to the new Freshdesk Knowledge Database!